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There are so many different uses for PLR articles and most barely scratch the surface. For some reason, many marketers think that if you are going to be successful, you have to use your own content….WRONG and here’s why.

The Answer Is TIME!

We all know time is money and if you are targeting a specific keyword phrases, you are going to have to slave away at pounding out content centered around those keywords.

That’s just flat exausting and extremely time consuming considering the time you spend in research and writing. You’re time could be much better spent in promoting and grabbing affiliates. Much more profitable too!

How about writing reports that you give away to build your list? Talk about time consuming! It’s so much easier to grab some pre-written content and blend it together to create your report. What would normally take you hours can be done in literally minutes with PLR. Again, this saves you TIME!

Many might not realize it, but there are entire courses that have sold extremely well that were all nothing more than reworked PLR. Just in case you are not totally sure what PLR is, it means you own the content. You are free to change it up any way you see fit, put your name on it and then resell it as your own.

It’s an extremely powerful method that not enough people take advantage of…and they should.

The problem most people run into is getting the PLR that they want. I’ve been down that road and trying to find some decent content on some subjects is pretty tough. Not only that, if I want to target a specific keyword or phrase, it means hours of sifting through content and hoping that I find something that will work.

Finding information on broad topics isn’t that difficult, it’s when you want to dig down and target specific things that take the time.

Here’s a little hint for you too…

It’s the things you have to dig for that make you the most money! Why? Because most people will stick with the broad topics and not drill down into the niche and get specific. When people are specific it means they have already done their research on the broad part and are looking to BUY something! Huge difference and one you should really take note of.

Now, here are the problems and challenges that most people run into when trying to find content that suits their needs AND how you’re never going to have to deal with them again.

#1 – Scattered and Embedded Files

When you purchase more than 10 – 20 articles at a time, the usually come in a zip, rar or gz file. Not only is this annoying because you might not have the right software to open them, when you do get them open, many times you will find another set of zip files to open up! Bottom line is you can spend hours just going through and unzipping them and making sure you have what you paid for BEFORE you even get around to using them!

Not anymore and you will see exactly how in just a moment.

#2 – Different File Type Problems

This one is a major anger creator for many people. There is nothing worse than buying some PLR only to find when you open it, it contains two or three different file types. Some are in (.txt), some are in (.rtf), some are in (.doc) and sometimes you’ll even find them in other formats too. too many file types

This is a huge headache because many, if not most, do not have the software to open them up. Even if you did, WHY would you want to switch back and forth between editors just to get it open?

Major problem with PLR but you’re not going to have to deal with that anymore either.

#3 – Inability to Find the Right Article

Even if you make it through the time it takes to get past the embedded files and the different file types, you time is moneySTILL have to spend hours going through it to hope you find something on the topic or keyword you are targeting. Many times you won’t because the topics are so broad and now you’ve just wasted a ton of time for nothing!

Let’s face it, we’ve all targeted the weight loss niche before and there’s a huge difference in writing content about losing weight by running and losing weight by pilates. The problem is you don’t know what you’re getting when you but that big pack of articles on weight loss.

That’s never going to be a problem for you ever again!
Problems 1, 2 and 3 cause such an enormous time suck that most people give up on PLR after they’ve tried it once or twice. The time spent is just not worth the return. However, if you cold eliminate those problems, how great would it be then?

Consider Those Problems Gone!

Welcome to the Better PLR Article Solution!

The Better PLR Article System gives you instant access to our state of the art software that eliminates all the challenges listed above!

This powerful system gives you advanced searching capabilities that are remarkably similar to Google. Some of these features you’ve probably never even heard of, but I’m going to show you how to use them.

You now have the power to search over one hundred thirty seven thousand articles in less than 1 second “Bye-Bye” to trying to open 237 articles to see if they contain the word “organic food”.

Take a look at the features:

Simple download system allows you to download all the articles you want into a single folder! No unnecessary zip or recursive folders to give you a constant headache!

All articles downloaded in the most simple to use test file format – No more having to use different software to open your packs of articles!

All articles in the exact same internal file format – No more having to remove htlm, .doc codes or anything else from your articles. We’ve done it for you!

The enjoyment of knowing you are going to be more productive and make more money because it will only take you seconds to get the content you need.

Take a look on the inside for yourself:


If that’s not enough, just in-case you are not sure just how you want to profit from using PLR articles, I’m going to give you a copy of my book PRL Quick Profits with your membership. Here’s just a piece of what’s in this book:



Discover the exact techniques to easily squeeze $100s in value from what others would consider “worthless” articles.

Learn 7 super fast ways to make PLR articles 100% unique and laden with keywords that Google loves.

Sit back and have the true hidden value of PLR exposed right before your eyes.

Be shown 11 specific ways to profit quickly from PLR articles which you paid less than a penny for.”/>

Be amazed as you get detailed explanation of how you can decimate your competition by creating products quicker and more profitably than anyone around.

Now, here’s the good part…

Most places will charge you at least $15.00 per pack of articles right? And then if you want more each month you either have to pay $20.00 for a membership and hope this months packs have something in there you. With Better PLR Articles, you are getting access to over 138,450 articles instantly! The best part is, we are constantly adding more to the system. If you don’t see something you need in our system, let us know and we can go track it down for you.

If you find any PLR articles that you would like to own – DO NOT purchase them. You tell us and we will buy them for you and give them to you FREE in our system! No one else does this!

We’ve priced this thing so insanely cheap, you’d be crazy not to at least give it a try. For complete access to the entire database, it’s only $9.97 per month! I guarantee you won’t find anything like this anywhere else for that price! I doubt you can even find anything else like this period!

My 5 Minute Excitement 100% Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Get instant access to the system. Spend 5 minutes clicking around, doing some searches. If you are not 100% completely excited about your purchase and the power system, then contact me ASAP and I will quickly and quietly refund every single penny of your purchase price. No questions asked.

Better still – take a full 30 days to put this system to the test. It at any time during those 30 days – you are not impressed by the time, money and energy it is saving you and your team – just let me know. Every penny of your investment will be refunded.

You have nothing to lose and an “unfair advantage” gain by saying “Yes” right now.


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One months access to over 130,000 articles is less than I would pay for a pack of 10 articles any where else.

I also understand that this low “early adopter” price is a limited offer and that the price will go up to $17.00…unless I lock my price in today!



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